Rear Air-conditioning solutions for Mercedes Benz Sprinter

sprinterThe custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter rear air conditioning unit is typically fitted into:

  • Club courtesy buses
  • Taxi’s
  • Aged care transport
  • Patient transport
  • Disabled transport
  • and all requirements for climate control in the rear cabin of the Sprinter.


We can offer rear Air conditioning A/c in current Mercedes Benz Sprinters in two different formats:

  • “teed” into the front system
  • This is where the front factory A/c System is tapped into to power the new rear a/c evaporator
  • Complete independent “rear system”All wiring is independent, it does not interfere or work with any of the factory wiring.Internal A/c evaporators are also used where increasing overall height of vehicle is not an option or undesired (see pics) this will have an under-body condenser with shroud and twin electric fans.Sprinter low roof , high roof & super high roof can be catered for
  • If you would like more information on these system please CONTACT US email preferred, with your vehicle specifics and we will get back to you.
  • Also can install 240 volt rear A/c caravan units (see pics)


  • Rear independent A/c system can be roof mounted (see pics) with evaporator and condenser assembly up in the fresh air, and internal ducted running down the centre of rear section (position advised by client)
  • This a complete separate system for the rear, having its own dedicating A/c compressor along with condenser, evaporator, fans, receiver drier etc.